Your Gut Microbes Are Controlling Your Mind, Here’s What You’ll Do For Them

1 year ago
Microbes in your body can control how you feel and what you want to eat, here's how.

Super Bacteria Has a New Enemy: The CRISPR Pill -

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Is Your Gut Making You Depressed or Anxious?
“If you had to guess the organ that has undue influence on your emotions, your mood, even your choices, what would you guess? The brain? Sure, but what else? The heart—that mythological seat of the soul? Not quite.”

How Many Cells Are in the Human Body—And How Many Microbes?
“Your body is a microbial melting pot, home to trillions of bacteria that help keep you healthy and regular. And for decades, scientists have shown their importance with this alluring factoid: The microbes in your body outnumber your own cells ten to one.”

Your Gut Bacteria Want You to Eat a Cupcake
“Humans’ gastrointestinal tracts are home to 10,000 species of bacteria, which get energy from our half-digested lunches. (Another estimate puts the number of species as high as 36,000.) In exchange, they help us break down food and keep harmful bacteria out, and have also been shown to help regulate fat storage and provide vitamins.”


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Your Gut Microbes Are Controlling Your Mind, Here’s What You’ll Do For Them

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