You won't believe what we found under a huge rock metal detecting

3 months ago
we found something from the 1700s under a huge rock with metal detectors
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So we return to the colonial site recently found way out in the woods of New Hampshire, Last time I was there metal detecting there was a very good signal under a huge rock that I could not move by myself. My Garrett ATGOLD was giving me a great upper 70s signal and the rock had to be moved so Beardo came out with me to help see if we could dig it up and move it.
We only had our small pack shovels that we always use fro digging so we had to get creative and go colonial style using leverage. We dug out all the edges and then used a long old dead treee that was pretty solid for leverage. It took some time gettin the big rock up a little at a time and wedging smaller rocks underneath but we did it ! and you will never believe what was under that extremely old pewter spoon that we are assuming is from the 1700s but with these pewter relics the thing could be even older. Complete and intact pewter spoon sitting under this huge rock that may have been the threshold stone for hundreds of years.
A great display of teamwork and determination.

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Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage
Not Thursday New NT
You won't believe what we found under a huge rock metal detecting

You won't believe what we found under a huge rock metal detecting

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