Would Extraterrestrial Contact Harm or Benefit Humanity?

1 year ago
Human beings have been attempting to contact aliens for the past
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Narrated by Jack Daniel www.jackdanielvo.com
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

150 years. In the 19th Century, our efforts consisted of amusing inventions like the sky telegraph; which stood no chance of reaching someone in the next field, let alone the next galaxy. But in the modern age we have tools like the 1,000 foot Arecibo Observatory reflector dish at our disposal. We have sent a message to the cosmos that we are here, and we want to play. But should we be doing this?This video categorises the effects of alien contact into three broad categories; harmful, beneficial and neutral.There's a good chance an advanced race will have peaceful, positive intentions for any new race they contact. One possibility most people don't consider when evaluating the potential impact of aliens on humanity is that, after the initial excitement wears off, we might not care that much.

Would Extraterrestrial Contact Harm or Benefit Humanity?

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