WORST Things Found in Food

11 months ago
Whether you’re tucking into a delicious take-away burger, or munching down on a fresh garden salad, the last thing you’d expect is to find a foreign visitor hiding out in your food! Sadly, this happens more often than you’d like to hear, as you’ll discover in our list today!

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13 - Mouth-Watering…
KFC go through around 1 billion chickens every year, and there is the odd occasion that a little extra gets processed. In this case, Ibrahim Lango was served a nutritious helping of fried chicken’s brain. Although, a spokesman said it wasn’t a brain but just a cooked kidney… Oh Ok, I feel SO much better now!

12 - A little extra on the side…
While eating a bowl of clam chowder at McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant in Irvine, a woman bit down on something quite rubbery. Thinking it was a piece of calamari, she calmly spat it out into a napkin. On closer inspection, turns out it was a condom that she was chewing on! She did sue the establishment, and walked away with an undisclosed amount of money.

11 - Food Coma…
Stephanie Granger had a terrifying experience when she found a razor blade in a tub of frozen dessert. This took place in Kilgore in Texas back in 2011, and according to CBS News, a representative from the Walmart where she purchased the dessert from said to her, "I'm sorry. I hope your day gets better."

10 - Drink Up…
Here’s another nasty surprise that was a little disturbing for a very thirsty individual. A man from Illinois was quenching his thirst with a can of Mountain Dew, when he found an entire mouse inside the can! When he tried to take them to court, they came back with the unpleasant information that should the mouse have been in the can from their production line, it would have changed into a jelly-like substance… so just imagine what it’s doing to your insides!

9 - Extra Crispy…
A locust found its way into a bag of Waitrose salad, much to the dismay of Berenice Baker who was looking forward to her healthy lunch. She was offered an apology and a free lunch for her ordeal.

8 - Bottom of the food chain…
A diner in Singapore was munching on a crispy anchovy snack, when he noticed an additional little something that he certainly didn’t order. A cockroach topped with lightly roasted sesame seeds.

7 - Food for thought…
Quite the story to come out of one of Sydney’s largest tourist pubs, The Coogee Bay Hotel. The family who had dined there had complained about the high noise levels during a football match, and as compensation were offered some ice-cream. After Steve Whyte and his wife Jessica had eaten the dessert, they were violently sick. They discovered that faeces had been put into their ice-cream. The chef and hotel manager volunteered to do DNA tests to prove their innocence. The Whyte’s claimed they were offered $5,000 in hush money, while the GM of the hotel claims the pair tried to sue for a million in damages.

6 - Lost my appetite…
When you find things in your salad that shouldn’t be there, it’s usually bugs, spiders or worms – definitely not the head of a lizard! Robin Sandusky was horrified to find a head and an arm of a lizard in the salad he had already eaten half of.

5 - A killer meal…
Gerber Baby food got into serious trouble a few years back when bits of glass were discovered in their jars of baby food. Mom’s were feeding their babies, when they noticed blood inside their mouths! More than 30 states filed similar complaints! The product was recalled immediately.

4 - Enjoy Your Meal…
In 2007, a 7-year-old kid was hoping to enjoy his KFC take-away, but was served up a portion of deep-friend paper towel instead!

3 - Would you like some ketchup?
Or how about a serving of blood? What was meant to be a regular BLT from a Cracker Barrel in Houston, turned out to be a nightmare for patron, Susan Mosher. Her sandwich was drenched in blood, thanks to the chef who cut himself whilst preparing her food!

2 - An unending list…
Some more crazy items found in food include nails in macaroni, a syringe in a breakfast burger, a slice of skin on a chicken sandwich and now a dirty band-aid found in a large pizza from Pizza Hut. Ken Wieczerza complained to the restaurant and after several failed attempts to resolve the matter privately, he went to the media. The last report was that he was taking them to court.

1- Extra-flavouring…
And just for a little extra flavor to your Oreo cookie, how about a tasty spider? Guess you’ll be twisting open every Oreo you eat from here onwards.

WORST Things Found in Food

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