World's Most DANGEROUS Roads

1 year ago
Have you ever seen a road or cars traveling on one and the first thing that pops into your mind is “nope”? Well, these are those types of roads; the kind that will give you chills just looking at them and will make you glad that you don’t have to travel any of these on the daily. From highways that are plagued with crashes due to human error to roads that allow vehicles to travel in places where they should never be traveling, this is some more World’s Most Dangerous Roads.

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6. Highway 99
Unlike many of the roads on this list, Highway 99 is actually in very good condition and is built as any regular highway is, not into the side of a mountain or something. So why is this highway considered dangerous, you may ask? It’s easy—people! There is fog at times, but for the most part, the reasons for the danger on this highway can be attributed to human error. It’s a very dark road and lacks in decent night lighting, the on-ramps on it are far too short, and many choose to speed, and/or drive drunk on it, and that’s what makes it dangerous. Per 100 miles, there are on average over sixty fatal car accidents on Highway 99, and they are, for the most part, easily avoidable. Learn how to drive people! And please, drive sober.

5. Revelstoke to Golden/Highway 1
This here Canadian road is bad news bears and saw the most deadly accidents of any road in Canada with 38 between 2004 and 2013! Extreme weather conditions and the fact that it’s a two-lane road for a lot of it makes it pretty unforgiving, and as you know, it can be deadly. Even the best of drivers who are paying the utmost attention can lose it here, especially when there are any kind of slippery conditions present, so if you do choose to take on this scary stretch of road, do so with caution. Apparently, improvements are being worked on, but with the weather being the primary factor here, there’s not really all that much that can be done.

4. Mount Vojak
When a road has a sign that says, “Past this point, you go at your own risk,” you know that you’re about to be getting yourself into serious business. You can try and drive up this road on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, as far as is possible to drive but then, if you decide to do anything dumb, that sign is meant for you. This is another road that isn’t actually wholly meant for cars, but for walkers and hikers, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. The small road winds its way to the top of Mount Vojak where you’ll find a pretty neat stone tower that was built by mountain climbers way back in the early days of the 1900’s. With the ascent reaching a 28.3% grade in some places, you better have on a good pair of shoes and your stamina at full-charge. Mount Vojak is the highest peak in Istria, and from the top, you can (weather permitting) see as far as Switzerland and the Dolomites.

3. Trampolin del Diablo
Here’s a thought for you: would you ever want to travel on a road that’s name literally translates to “The Devil’s Trampoline”? We didn’t think so, but there are those that travel the road you see in this picture, every day, like maniacs. It just goes higher and higher and the closer to the stratosphere you get, the narrower the road gets. Many choose to brave the steep drop-offs that would spell out sure d-e-a-t-h if misguided, including everyone from smaller cars to decent-sized buses. There is frequently fog to deal with and push through, and the road becomes exceptionally treacherous if there’s any rain as it decreases the already sketchy pathway’s stability and makes things slick. It’s not for the faint-of-heart, let us assure you!

2. Keylong-Kishtwar Road
Do you want danger? Well, here you go. This is the Keylong-Kishtwar Road found in India and this road pretty much has nope written all over it! It’s basically (no, actually it is) cut right into the side of a mountain and it’s expected that vehicles travel it. Oh boy. It’s really narrow in most places and is in an awful condition like 99% of the time. As you can see in this photo, the cliffs even overhang your head in a lot of places because when they made the road, they literally blasted away just enough to make due. The drop off of the cliff-face on one side paired with the cliff walls and ceiling all around you everywhere else is sure to make this one scary experience. Not in this lifetime, nor any others.


World's Most DANGEROUS Roads

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