World's Fastest Animals!

9 months ago
From speedy big cats … to lightning quick fish and birds … we take a look at Cheetahs and the Fastest Animals in the World.

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#8 Sailfish (68 mph)
One of the fastest marine animals, these creatures can sail along at speeds of around 68 mph. They might have to put an asterisk by that number though. The creature’s speed was arrived at during a series of tests conducted in Florida. During that time, the sailfish swam and leaped around 300 feet within 3 seconds … which was reckoned to be equivalent to a speed of 68 mph.
The speed includes those leaps, and it moves faster while leaping than it does while swimming. Just so you know. You can guess their name is inspired by the erectile dorsal fin, which has a sail-like appearance and stretches down their back. They are easily recognized by that, as well as by their long, needlelike bill, and their grayish-blue coloration. Weighing about 200 pounds and measuring close to 10 feet long, they are actually referred to as ‘Billfish’ in the sports-fishing community.

#7 Cheetah (70 mph)
If this were list of the fastest animals found only on land, the list would end right here. The Cheetah is well known for its blazing speeds, and has been documented to reach a peak velocity of 70 miles per hour in short bursts. Weighing about 160 pounds and measuring about 5 feet long, it’s one of the smaller big cats, although it seems to be built for speed. Their range extends from southern and eastern Africa, and areas of Iran. Aside from its speed and hunting prowess, the cheetah is best known for its coat, which displays nearly 2,000 solid black spots, which sometimes makes it mistaken for a leopard. Those spots form patterns unique to the individual, and serve to identify each cheetah.… kind of how fingerprints identify humans. On average, cheetahs will maintain a speed of about 40 mph. Did you know they can accelerate from zero to 60 (mph) in less than 3 seconds? That’s better than a (2017) Acura NSX, which can sell for more than $150,000! Makes you wonder why there aren’t any cars named after the Cheetah.

#6 Black Marlin (80 mph)
The largest specimens of this fish have weighed in excess of 1,600 pounds and measured more than 15 feet long. You wouldn’t necessarily think of such a big fish moving through the water so fast … but the Black Marlin is among the fastest fish out there. With speeds clocked at up to 80 miles per hour, they’re one of the fastest animals in the world. Now, that speed was actually arrived at measuring the velocity at which a hooked specimen unwound a fishing line. More often, the Marlin cruises at a speed of around 50 mph. Thanks to their size and speed, though, these animals are highly prized as game fish, and are fished commercially. And just an FYI, that’ll do it for the fastest animals found on land or in the water. Our final four subjects all have wings and do their speeding in the skies.

World's Fastest Animals!

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