World’s Craziest Creatures

1 year ago
You won't believe how strange and weird these creatures are !

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Orchid Mantis

Perhaps none of the species of mantis that resemble flowers are more striking, or do their job better than the orchid, or walking flower mantis. It's an extremely rare creature both in the wild, where it's only found in Malaysia and amongst collectors. Though it's highly favoured and prized by insect breeders it's rareness makes it very expensive.


Most of you will be happy to hear that this giant weta bug is confined only to Little Barrier Island, which is off the coast of New Zealand and several smaller islands. Females are much larger than males but on average they weigh around an ounce. They’re a vulnerable species but when they’ve been purposely relocated to help their population the results have been promising. Wetapunga released on Tiritiri Matangi Island have been observed mating.

Spiny Softshell Turtle thumbnail creature

This odd looking turtle is dispersed widely throughout the U.S. and parts of Mexico and Canada. They spend a lot of their time beneath the surface of the water, hidden beneath a layer of sand, with just their head exposed. You wouldn’t think it from a turtle but they can get going when they need to and are capable of short bursts of speed.

Chinese Jerboa thumbnail creature

Plenty about this nocturnal creature is fascinating. First of all the Chinese Jerboa is a tiny rodent found in desert regions throughout Northern Africa and Asia. But they act a lot more like kangaroos. They have long hind legs, short forelegs and long tails. They hop around their territory to get around. Apart from that they’re incredibly fast. When being chased and it's adrenaline is pumping through it's body, these creatures can hit impressive speeds of fifteen miles per hour.

Flying Dragon

Flying dragons exist, just not in the way you may be thinking. These creatures also known as draco lizards don’t exactly fly, but they have incredible gliding capabilities. They can extend their ribs and membrane to create those wings you see. They can glide for incredible distances that have been recorded as being up to 200 feet. They can also maneuver with great efficiency mid air using their tails to steer themselves. Sure at just under nine inches long their a lot smaller than the creatures of myth that their name invokes, but look at them they’re still pretty awesome right?

Goblin Shark

One of the craziest creatures in or out of the ocean the goblin shark has earned its living fossil reputation as it's been a species on this planet for the last 125 million years. Luckily we don’t come into contact with them much. They spend most of their time at depths greater than 330 feet. And hopefully they stay there, just look at them you won’t find a much more nightmare inducing creature as far as appearance goes.

Giant Isopod

A crazy creature that simply can’t be ignored, the giant isopod has all the characteristics of your typical, everyday isopod except for one obvious fact. It suffers, or perhaps benefits from deep sea gigantism. They can grow to weigh nearly four pound and measure over two feet in length. Their numbers are abundant in cold deep waters around the world, including the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. It’s good that they’re confined to the ocean, because we don’t even want to think about finding a land version crawling up our legs.

This video was kinda all over the place. We started things off with an Australian snake, learned a lot about the remarkable naked mole rat, and have just left you with a giant isopod. Sorry if it was sensory overload, there’s just so much epicness out in the wildlife. Oh so you want to know more about that Epic Wildlife. Well that’s easy -- subscribe, check out some of our past videos and look out for our newest efforts, which come out daily. Ready for our last creature. Sorry we’ve fooled you that’s it for today. If you liked it let us know and with your suggestions we’ll have another similar video coming out soon. Thanks for watching everyone.

World’s Craziest Creatures

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