Why I Started Waking Up at 5:30 AM And How It Changed My Life

7 months ago
How to Change Your Life through Your Sleep Cycle. We keep hearing how early birds are way more productive and successful. We decided to conduct an experiment to find out whether it's truly helpful or necessary to wake up super early every day. If you want to try to change your sleep cycle and transform your life you can follow some simple tips on how to become an early bird.

How it all started 0:48
The first week of the experiment 1:55
How I changed my morning routine 3:55
Why introverts will love early rises 5:33
The new attitude to breakfast 7:06
How the quality of sleep changed 7:59
How to become an early riser 8:17
Jerry Seinfeld approach 10:23

Good Starts . Jingle Punks
Happy Haunts . Aaron Kenny

-The first couple of days were the worst. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I dreamed about getting back to sleep.
-After the first week, however, I learned an eye-opening truth about myself: mornings are the most productive time of day for me. I started to wake up with a clear mind, a well-rested body, and the ability to immediately concentrate on important tasks and set goals for the following day.
-My new sleeping regime gave me 2 extra hours before I had to leave for work. All the spare time I had opened doors to new possibilities, habits, and hobbies.
-If you're an introvert and enjoy spending time alone in silence, you'll definitely have a new level of appreciation for early rises: no kids yelling, no babies crying, no cars honking, and no television noise.
-I had enough time not only to prepare breakfast but to sit down and enjoy it as well. And after that, I'll never go back to my old “I'll just grab a snack” ways.
-During this monthlong experiment, I realized that I don’t need to stay in bed for 10–12 hours to get enough sleep. Waking up at 5:30, I feel rested and full of energy to start a new day.
-To become an early riser, open your curtains before going to bed. Withdraw from your phone, tablet, and TV at least an hour before bed if you want to improve the quality of your sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try reading in bed or listening to an audiobook.
-Jerry Seinfeld has a big wall calendar, and for every day that he writes new material, he puts a big red “X” on it. He aims to create an unbroken chain of these “X” marks for as long as he can.

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Why I Started Waking Up at 5:30 AM And How It Changed My Life

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