What Would Happen If Plane Doors Opened?

7 months ago
What Happens If Plane Doors Open? What if the plane engine fails? What if a bird crashes into my plane? What if the plane flies too high?
A lot of people are scared out of their wits each time they fasten their seatbelts on an airplane, even though, you have no real reason to worry about flying. You will certainly feel safe aboard if you know the answers to some common worrying plane questions.

What would happen if you opened the door of the plane mid- flight? 2:13
What would happen if a bird hit your plane? 3:22
What would happen if your plane got struck by lightning? 5:03
What would happen if your plane flew too high? 6:10
What would happen if your plane crashed into the ocean? 7:28


-If you opened plane door mid-flight, all the passengers sitting close to the exit would be sucked out of the cabin and flung into the sky. The temperature onboard the aircraft would quickly plummet, and the plane would probably begin to break apart. To save your life, you’d have about 15 to 20 seconds to put on your oxygen mask.
-If a 12-pound Canadian goose hits an aircraft that’s flying at a speed of 150 miles per hour, the force of the collision will be equal to 1,000 pounds falling from a height of 10 feet. The engine would definitely shut down. But it absolutely doesn't mean that a tragedy would ensue.
-Standard commercial airplanes were designed to easily take lightning strikes. When air operators divert planes around stormy areas, they do this not because of the potential danger of lightning but to avoid turbulence or external damage to the aircraft that can be caused by hail, for instance.
-Passenger planes aren't designed to fly higher than an altitude of 7.5 miles. If it did fly too high, this could get really nasty. There have been several cases of planes crashing after trying to climb too high.
-Modern airplanes are designed in a way that improves their chances of landing on water successfully. All air valves that might be submerged in the event of a plane ditching on water are controlled by the pilot and can be closed by a switch on the flight deck so that they don’t let any water in. Planes nowadays can also float on water for at least half an hour.

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What Would Happen If Plane Doors Opened?

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