What Should You Listen to When You Want to Focus?

7 months ago
How does your brain respond to a noisy, musical, or silent environment? What’s the best soundtrack to study, focus, and be productive?

[ASMR]: Everything Science Knows So Far - https://youtu.be/-WpAphhsBgs
Wanna Get Sh*t Done? There’s a Perfect Noise Level for That - https://youtu.be/yTyYZFcxGGQ

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Should You Be Listening to Music at Work?
“Happy music has been found to increase cooperation in the workplace. Why? How do different types of music affect our brain?”

Music Was Just Encoded on DNA and Retrieved for the First Time
“Even the highest quality archival medium is no match for DNA. To demonstrate this, researchers stored historic audio recordings on these molecules for the first time and then retrieved them with 100 percent accuracy.”

Brain-Computer Interface Allows Users to Compose Music With Only Their Thoughts
“Brain signals are recorded with an electroencephalogram worn on the head like a swim cap, which allows the wearer to select musical notes and tones displayed on a computer screen.”

Why Workaholics Are the Least Productive
“Surprisingly, the study found that compulsive work habits are not driven by the desire to make more money. The study found that workaholics tend to be perfectionists. It's driven by a deep-rooted psychological need to satisfy, not unlike an addict would have drug cravings.”


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What Should You Listen to When You Want to Focus?

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