What Hulk Saw When He Used The Infinity Stones In Endgame

4 months ago
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Bruce Banner has had it rough ever since he absorbed an exorbitant amount of gamma radiation and turned into the giant green rage monster known to audiences worldwide as the Incredible Hulk. This new beast became both a gift and a curse, allowing Banner to lend a hand to defend Earth while forfeiting all control and common sense to the monster.

But over the course of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, despite not having his own solo movies, the Hulk has had an engaging and intriguing character arc. This all culminated in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ when Banner’s superpowered Hulk form allowed him to wield the Infinity Stones, snapping half the universe’s population back into existence. The process might have cost him his arm, but hey, it got the job done.

But what exactly did Bruce Banner see when he used the Stones? ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ established some kind of dream state in which the individual using the Stones ends up being transported to the Soul World. When Thanos used the Stones he saw young Gamora waiting to make him feel all guilty and stuff. Recently we learned that a deleted scene following Tony Stark’s snapping his fingers revealed a grown up version of his daughter Morgan Stark. So we have to assume Bruce Banner saw someone too, right? Of course he did! And we have a couple decent theories as to who that person was too.

Let’s dive into Banner’s journey throughout the MCU and figure out who he might have seen and why he might have seen them.

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What Hulk Saw When He Used The Infinity Stones In Endgame

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