What Explains The Silence of Life in the Universe?

2 years ago
When astronomers peer out into the cosmos they see many....
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wondrous things; stars going supernova, black holes devouring entire planetary systems, and bizarre, fantastical phenomena we cannot yet explain. But there’s one thing we have never observed; life. The Fermi Paradox describes the contradiction between the lack of extraterrestrial contact and our estimates for how likely it is that other beings exist somewhere in the universe.Mankind has been looking for alien signals for eighty years. In the context of the universe, that’s a fraction of an iota of a blink of an eye. Intelligent life seems as though it has an intrinsic desire to communicate with others. There is a fundamental urge within conscious beings to make their presence known and to exchange information.

What Explains The Silence of Life in the Universe?

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