WEIRDEST Hotels You Can Actually Visit

11 months ago
Why stay at a regular 3 and a half star hotel with that queen bed, white sheets, okay view, and dry hotel soap? Depending on where you go, make your rooming part of the experience if not the experience of your vacation. WIth these 21 unique hospitality establishments, you might just feel that a hotel may not just be for shelter.

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9. The Palace Of Salt
Near the largest salt flat in the world, about 23 kilometers away, you’ll come across the hotel known as Palacio de Sal or the Palace of Salt in Bolivia. The salt flat of Salar de Uyuni draws in loads of visitors all the time. So where can all these tourists go stay? At this 3 star hotel that was built in 2007 with the first hotel having been open between 1993 to 1995. That hotel had to be closed due to mismanagement that lead to severe environmental pollution. This new hotel had a new location and was made from 1 million salt blocks that measure at 14 inches or 35 centimeters each. It may not look like much on the outside, but you can lounge in the steam room, the whirlpool bath, or the saltwater pool.

8. Lots Of Glass Igloos
This igloo resort looks amazing at night, appearing like some sort of otherworldly neighborhood. These glass igloos are part of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, out on the Lapland. The idea for the glass igloo resort started in 1973 after the founder’s car broke down and had to make camp in a remote woodland area. It seemed he had a nice experience since it inspired him to open a permanent stop in the woods for other people to enjoy the scenery he did.

7. The Luxury Collection Hotel
If you’re big on architecture, just seeing the surreal, wavy walls and roof of his hotel in Elciego, Spain, you already know this has to be the work of architect Frank Gehry. The construction of Hotel de Marqués de Riscal Hotel started in 2003 and opened in 2006. It stands at a height of 82 feet or 25 meters with 4 floors and an area of 34,000 square feet or 3,200 meters squared. It’s known not for its strange shape but also for its contrast against the famous Spanish vineyards that surround it.

6. The Magic Lodge
This photo wasn’t taken off the set of Lord of the Rings. You’re looking at the Magic Mountain Hotel, located in the middle of the 300,000 acre land of the Huilo-Huilo (weelo weelo) Biological Reserve in Chile. In the southern Andes, you’ll find this hotel that was built to be as much a part of nature as anything man-made can be and stands out from the rest of the forest as little as possible. Though there is WiFi available in certain areas.

5. A Car-Themed Stay
This car-themed hotel in Stuttgart (shtoo gart), Germany features 34 rooms, most of them car-themed. The appropriately named V8 Hotel has 10 suites that are decked out in car imagery, with the beds of course being car beds. Many of these beds actually use real cars as the frame. The hotel is located in the former building of the Boblingen Airport back in 1915 and once served as a docking station for zeppelins in the 20s.

4. Climate Controlled Bubbles
In the forested area of Allauch, France, you can stay in a transparent, soundproof pod so that you have a 360 view of the wilderness. The Attrap Reves Bubble Hotel gives guests a climate controlled room where you have an unobstructed view of the forest. The bubble measures at 13 feet in diameter, so that it can fit a king sized bed, a nightstand, and room for just a little more.

3. The Capsule Hotel
One of the most unique aspects of travelling to Japan would be to experience their famous capsule hotels, like this one located in Osaka. For the traveler who’s looking to spend more time outside on the city streets exploring instead of trying to relax in a luxurious hotel, a capsule hotel can be a good bargain. Also referred to as “pod hotels” these type of micro rooms offer small sleeping space for a very small price. The Capsule Inn Osaka was the first of its kind in the world and opened in 1979.

2. Sleep In A Free Spirit
What you’re seeing seems similar to a tree house, but is somehow a whole different thing unto itself. The Free Spirit Spheres serves as hotel accommodation in the forests of Vancouver Island. To get your round room, you ascend a spiral staircase up the trunk of a tree where you enter a space that has one small, round window. The spheres, made of wood and fibreglass, contain fold out tables, curved beds, and even small appliances.

No Man’s Land
Out on the waters of the Solent near Portsmouth, England, sits alone fort that has a history with the Royal Commission but has also been used as a hospitality facility. No Man’s Land Fort measures at 200 feet in diameter and was built between the years of 1867 to 1880. If it looks familiar, it’s because in the 1970s, the location has been used for filming for several scenes in Doctor Who.

WEIRDEST Hotels You Can Actually Visit

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