WEIRD and AWESOME Ant Species !

1 year ago
Welcome to the GIANT tiny world of ants ! From super fast rocket ants … to ants conquering the world … Here are 12 of the most weird and awesome species of ants

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#8 Maricopa Harvester Ant
When you hear this creature described as a common species of harvester ant, you might be inclined to dismiss it. So you wouldn’t really expect it to carry the world’s most toxic insect venom . At more than 10 times as powerful as honeybee venom, a dozen stings from this ant is enough to kill a 4.5 pound rat. In humans’ it can produce excruciating pain that can last for hours. Harvester ants will attach themselves to their victims to repeatedly sting them and inject them with venom.

#7 Jack Jumper Ants
These ants are found in Australia, and can get pretty large at more than 1.5 inches long. They’re called “Jack Jumper” Ants because some species are known to demonstrate a jumping behavior when they’re agitated. and are known for their aggressive behavior. They’re also known for their extreme aggression and painful stings. In fact, their stings are recognized as one of the most painful among insects, and their venom is among the most toxic. If humans are allergic to the venom, anaphylactic reactions can occur, and many in such cases have proved fatal. Did you know that these ants have such large mandibles, that they have been used as sutures to close wounds?

#6Acrobat Ants (Crematogaster)
These ants are found worldwide, and are identified by their unusual heart-shaped abdomens … which has led to the nickname, St Valentine Ant. They’re usually referred to as Acrobat Ants because most species tend to be arboreal (that is, they live in trees). They prey on other insects, especially wasps. And they have a unique way of capturing their victims, The ants will shoot venom from their abdomens in a type of froth (or spray) that can immobilize an aggressor. The ants can also lay scents from their abdomens for a variety of purposes, including marking a trail to toward food, and to recruit other ants for assistance during an attack..

#5Shining Guest Ant (Formicoxenus nitidulus)
That’s quite an unusual name … but it’s given to the ant because of its winning way of cohabiting with other ant species. This parasitic creature is known to quietly settle into the nests around 11 ant species. A single Shining Guest colony can live in multiple host nests simultaneously. They manage to feed off their hosts efforts in large part because they taste awful. Whenever a guard from the host colony grabs one, they’re immediately released, due to the repellent flavor. Experts say Shining Guest Ants are the only ant species known to employ this gustatory tactic. It works well enough to allow some host mounds to be infiltrated by 100 Shining Guest Ant colonies.

#4Spider-Ant Hybrid Amazing Spider-Ants
Here’s an ant that could easily have been crossbred with a spider. Look at its ant-like body … and it has 8 legs, like an arachnid! Is it really a cross-species hybrid? Actually, no … and we're cheating a bit here. This is actually a spider that mimics an ant. But it does look like it could go either way. Ant mimicry appears in spiders and many other organisms for a number of reasons. Ants are found all over the world, and many predators like birds and wasps avoid them due to their aggressiveness, or because they don’t agree with the palate. Some creatures mimic ants as a means to escape predators … others mimic ants to hunt them actively.

#3Longhorn Crazy Ants
There are five species of crazy ants … and they don’t get their name because they drive you crazy. It’s because they dart around erratically, instead of following a straight line. This crazy ant has also displayed some crazy behavior and abilities, too. They’re able to invade new habitats and overthrow other species of ants found there. Located in Arizona, Biosphere 2 was a fully contained environment, which had an ecosystem with no dominant ant species. That was in 1991. By 1996, the Longhorn Crazy Ant had virtually ejected all other ant species. In addition to being dominant, these critters can even close themselves. Experts say that when the queen ant wants a daughter, she can lay an egg that is her genetic duplicate. And if she wants a son, she mates with a male and produces a clone of the father! The offspring are essentially genetic copies, identical to the parents.

WEIRD and AWESOME Ant Species !

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