We Can Now 3D Print in Suspended Gravity (And It’s Mesmerizing!)

8 months ago
Rapid liquid printing is faster and better than 3D printing, how does this sci-fi-like method work?

Scientists Put the Brain of a Worm Into a Robot… and It MOVED - https://youtu.be/eYS7UIUM_SQ

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3d Printing is Yesterday's News. Westworld-style Liquid Printing is the Future
“A new printing method developed by MIT Self-Assembly Lab and Steelcase has the potential to change the way we think about design.”

The Future of Furniture Through 3D Printing
“People around the world are rejecting the stereotypical, monolithic office their employers are creating. In order to attract and retain high-skilled talent, as well as improve employee wellbeing and engagement , many organizations are realizing they need to rethink their workplace to deliver a more human-centered experience.”

How Rapid Liquid Printing Could Revolutionize Industry
“Since its inception, 3D printing has been a coveted yet limited manufacturing tool. While many different commercial industries have longed for a larger-scale adaptation, most 3D printing is efficient at producing smaller-scale objects that can take several hours to complete.”


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Written: Victoria Barrios & Trace Dominguez

We Can Now 3D Print in Suspended Gravity (And It’s Mesmerizing!)

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