Waves Can Tell Us A Lot About Climate Change, But You Have to Catch Them First

11 months ago
Can you catch a wave and collect data at the same time? Find out how these scientists are transforming ocean research.

This NASA Mission Uses Cold War Planes To Map The World's Largest Island

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Even Small Increases in Ocean Temperature Can Affect Marine Life
“In some ways doubling marine growth could be considered. But it seems like a common theme among warming experts and observers is that there are definitely winners and losers. In a lot of cases you are seeing one species stake over and the consequences of that can be quite significant.”

Scientists put a ‘smartfin’ on my surfboard. Is it the next wave in ocean monitoring?
“The goal isn’t to help surfers monitor their surf sessions. Instead, they are aiming to gather data for studies of the coastal zone. They hope to distribute the fins widely enough to provide valuable data for researchers who track the health of sea life–rich reefs and kelp forests or monitor coral bleaching, the mixing of atmospheric gases by breaking waves, riptides, pollutants, and, over time, the ocean’s absorption of heat from global warming.”

Mapping Three Decades of Global Water Change
“Scientists with the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, working with Google engineers, have used millions of satellite images to illustrate how rivers, lakes and other bodies of water have changed over three decades.”

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Waves Can Tell Us A Lot About Climate Change, But You Have to Catch Them First

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