Was There a Universe Here Before Ours? The Big Bang vs the Big Bounce

11 months ago
The universe might’ve started with a bounce instead of a bang, but what exactly would this bouncing universe look like?

These New Black Holes Challenge Our Theories of Galactic Evolution - https://youtu.be/W60OqAbtv3U

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Physicists Just Showed That The Big Bang Might Have Been a 'Big Bounce'
An international team of researchers has backed up the growing hypothesis that the Big Bang was actually a 'Big Bounce', meaning that the Universe didn’t pop into existence. Instead, it simply started expanding again after contracting fully.

The Universe Should Have Destroyed Itself at the Big Bang. Why Didn't It?
“According to the standard model of particle physics, the Big Bang should have produced matter and antimatter in equal quantities. By that logic, the universe should have annihilated itself from the very beginning.”

Audio Exhibition Explores What the Big Bang Would Have Sounded Like
When the universe was born, what did it sound like? The question underlies an inventive and challenging new exhibition in New York that explores the fundamentals of sound and how they relate to the quest to understand the self and the cosmos.


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Was There a Universe Here Before Ours? The Big Bang vs the Big Bounce

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