Unusual Fruits You May NOT Know About

12 months ago
You known the ABCs of fruits … as in Apples, Bananas and Cherries … but there are a lot of other fruits that are not so well known … and in fact might seem strange a little strange at first.
From fruits that are covered in horns and hair … to an amazing fruit that might help solve world hunger … Here are 19 unusual fruits you may not know

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#5 Noni
You wouldn’t know to look at it, but this fruit is related to the coffee bean plant … and is found from Southeast Asia to Australasia. Its wide dispersal has led to it being known by more than 100 names, including Indian mulberry, great morinda, and cheese fruit. It gets that last name due to its pungent smell given off when ripening … the aroma has also inspired the name of ‘vomit fruit’. The distinctive smell notwithstanding, the fruit is rich in vitamin A, protein, calcium and iron, along with a high fibre content. Those qualities have made it a staple food for some Pacific Islands.

#4 Pitaya
It might be better known Dragon Fruit, although that is technically a different genus. It’s found in various cactus species throughout Asia to Australasia and the Americas … where they are thought to have originated in Mexico. This fruit is a bit complicated, because there are actually two types of pitaya, sweet and sour. The sweet types are located across Asia, which the sour types are found in the Americas. And the fruit comes in three varieties -- Red, Yellow, and Costa Rican Pitayas. Red fruits are more like magenta on the outside and have yellow flesh. The Yellow variety displays that color both inside and outside. The Costa Rican variety is magenta inside and out. They all have a sweet flavor comparable to the Kiwi fruit, and give off an ambrosial aroma.

#3 Horned Melon
Checking out those spines, it’s pretty easy to see how the Horned Melon gets its name. At one time this dangerous looking fruit was only found in its native Sub-Saharan Africa. Now it can be found from the US to Europe, to Australia and New Zealand. Once you get past the pointy protuberances, you’ll find the jelly-like, bright green flesh within. The taste is usually compared to that of a passion fruit combined with a banana … or a combination of lime, cucumber and banana. It’s often used in smoothies, salads and salsa.

#2 Jabuticaba
The tree on which produces this fruit is endemic to Brazil … and it presents one of the stranger images on our list. The dark-grape-like fruit forms from the trunk, and can extend along the tree limbs as well. It kind of makes it look as if the tree is covered with dark nodules, or balloons. Hard to believe that the fruit actually starts off as yellow-whiteish flowers that cover the tree before transforming into fruit. Measuring about 4 cm in diameter, the thick purple skin covers the fruit’s quivering gelatinous flesh along with several seeds. The sweet fruit is often made into a wine or liqueur, or eaten. Because the fruit will start to ferment within 4 days, it’s usually eaten fresh.

#1 Safou
The tree is native to the tropical forests of Africa, from Angola to Nigeria … and produces a unique fruit that is sometimes called the African Pear. Oblong-shaped, the fatty fruit can be dark violet in coloration and with pale green flesh within. Nearly 50% of the fruit is made up of oil that is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and triglycerides. The fruit has shown a lot of potential as a food source for Africa. Experts say it could boost food security, improve nutrition and even foster sustainable land care. With plantations able to produce up to 8 tons of oil per 2.5 acres, the fruit might possibly help put a end to starvation in Africa.

Unusual Fruits You May NOT Know About

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