UNBELIEVABLY Strange Natural Phenomena

11 months ago
Our world is a seriously crazy place, and we often don’t give it enough credit for the truly odd, funny, and sometimes deadly things that it can do. Though many of these may seem too incredible to be believed, but trust us, all of these happen and exist in nature on the same planet that we all live on. Unusual, freaky, deadly; you’ll find all of those here during Unbelievably Strange Natural Phenomenon!

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5. Ice Storm
Nature holds more surprises for us when it comes to the weather than with anything else! An ice storm is no exception, and it just so happens to be a remarkable phenomenon that leaves behind some crazy results! The storms are characterized and known by and for their freezing rain, which in some parts of the United States are known as a silver thaw and a glaze event in others. To be counted as an ice storm, at least ¼ inch of ice needs to accumulate on exposed surfaces, and from 1982 to 1994, the ice storm was a more common happening than blizzards, averaging sixteen every year. They’re not particularly violent or intense storms, and they usually happen calmly and peacefully, with rain falling while temperatures are below freezing outside. What they’re known for is their damage and their ability to cause destruction and disaster, as they’ve racked up costs of more than $1 billion, in one storm! Oh, and their beauty—they’re quite beautiful!

4. Fata Morgana
This intense happening is an extraordinarily complex and very unusual form of a superior mirage which can be seen just above the horizon. Typically, the mirage distorts whatever object you genuinely see so badly that it’s often unrecognizable, and it doesn’t help that the Fata Morgana tends to change, and quickly! They can involve any object that is seen at a distance, really, and are often seen affecting things like coastlines, boats, islands, driftwood, and more. The problem is, is that the phenomenon really throws things out of whack and can build layers of right-side-up and inverted images stacked on each other to create a genuinely trippy mirage as you can see here. This happens when a defined layer of warm air rests on top of a layer of cold air, which is known as a thermal inversion, forms an atmospheric duct. They’re more commonly seen in the polar regions, especially over ice sheets that have super cold and uniform temperatures. It is possible that the legend of the Flying Dutchman could be based on a Fata Morgana mirage and it looks, and sounds, entirely plausible.

(as you can see here^^)

3. Fire Whirl
Oh boy, these things are pretty impressive and do you want to know what makes them even better? The fact that they’re all natural and, under the right circumstances, will give you quite the incredible show, puts these bad boys rightfully on this list! They’re known by many different names, such as fire twister, firenado, fire swirl, and fire tornado, and they sometimes only need a little whirl of smoke or wind to get started up. When a whipping, whirling Eddie of air is formed due to violent winds and an intense rise in heat occurring together, a tornado-like vortex is sometimes created, and that’s when you’re in for the show. These impressive firenados can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are made up of a swirling pocket of air, and a burning core and they’re usually produced during wildfires. They typically only grow to top out around 165-feet-tall, but they have been reported as reaching more than a kilometer tall! They’re not only excellent but they’re dangerous too, so if you see one in the future, be sure to watch from a distance.

2. Sailing Stones
Now, these are real mind benders because, well, just wait and see! These are known by all sorts of names that describe what they are and what they do, some of which include moving rocks, walking rocks, sliding rocks, and rolling stones (creative). This geological phenomenon involves a bunch of large rocks moving their way across the ground, unassisted, and there are tracks to prove it! This sounds like some weird, other-worldly stuff, right? Well, there is an explanation for it, but the answer doesn’t make this any less strange! They say that big sheets of ice near the rocks begin to melt and break up during the day and then at night they’re refrozen and blown around by the wind and shoved into the stones, repeatedly, moving them super slowly over time. Weird, right? Racetrack Playa, found in Death Valley National Park, boasts a crazy amount of insanely long tracks and Nevada’s Little Bonnie Claire Playa also has many of the interesting, traveling rocks. Somewhat creepy, right? Picture all of those giant rocks being slowly pushed by giant sheets of ice in the pitch black in the middle of nowhere.


UNBELIEVABLY Strange Natural Phenomena

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