TV Scenes Acted So Poorly We Can't Forget Them

6 months ago
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Poorly acted scenes in motion pictures aren't hard to find. Questionable acting chops demonstrated by television stars, on the other hand, can get buried a little deeper among the thousands of hours of TV broadcast every day. But fear not, fans of the small screen — we've screened more than 50 years of TV history to put together this retrospective of cringe-worthy clips. We guarantee your gratification from these painfully poor performances...

A frightful fight | 0:24
The nose knows bad acting | 1:39
Baby on board | 2:25
Good night sweet kitty | 3:18
Powerless punch | 3:57
Another Marvel misstep | 4:39
No zing for Bing | 5:34
She's so excited | 6:31
Stick to the dancing | 7:26

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TV Scenes Acted So Poorly We Can't Forget Them

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