TOUGHEST Dog Breeds on the Planet

1 year ago
We think of our canine best friends as puppy-eyed, eager to play fetch sorts of animals. Let us remember, however, that dogs descended from wild wolves and as you’ll see with the ones on this list, some of that ferocity never really went away. Don’t cross any of these tough dog breeds.

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8. Pit bull
There’s lots of different types of Pitbull, from the American Pit Bull Terrier to Blue Nose Pitbulls and more. Lots of people avoid owning a pitbull since these dogs have a reputation for being highly aggressive and therefore highly dangerous. This thought process comes from how pitbulls were initially used: as fighting, bull-baiting dogs. Yet if trained properly and cared for, these dogs will be very fond of their owners and also show signs of high emotion and intelligence.

7. American Bulldog
A descendant of the now extinct Old English Bulldog, the American bulldog lives on as a New World version of its ancestors. Just looking at their stance, you can clearly see how stocy and built these dogs are (take a glance at this little puppy though! So cute). These guardian dogs need lots of exercise as they’re very active. With their owners, they can form strong bonds as they also need lots of attention. People primarily worked bulldogs on farms as well as to terminate vermin and hold cattle.

6. Chow Chow
When you hear that these dogs are called “Dog of the Tang Empire” there’s no way this is just some measly little canine. Chow chows originate from northern China and if they look familiar, look to the Foo dog statues--the stone guardians usually found outside Buddhist temples. Rather similar, isn’t it? While they might look like teddy bears, legend says they were great war dogs. If you really think about it, they do kind of look like lions.

5. Bull Terrier
Some may be off put by the sight of their faces, as many describe it as looking like a shark’s. Bull Terriers belong to the terrier family, originate from England. Owning of these dogs may not be easy for someone who has no experience with dogs whatsoever since bull terriers can be quite stubborn. Despite the difficulty in raising them, they are also known to be very loving.

4. Alaskan Malamute
They look quite similar to Siberian Huskies as they are related, but the Alaskan Malamute is a different breed. These dogs need to be outside and be moving around and working a lot lest they become destructive. It’s kind of like your workaholic friend: they just have to be constantly doing something or they get incredibly bored. Similar to huskies, they pulled sleds and were bred for hauling huge cargo.

3. Doberman Pinscher
From medium sized to large, the doberman pinscher often get selected to be guard dogs. Would your non-doberman dog defend you from a huge bear? Probably yes since dogs are awesome--but would they win? The doberman pinscher originated from Germany, known for their long muzzles and black coats with splashes of fawn on their mouths, feet, and ears--kind of like rottweilers. As ferocious as they can be, they can also act quite loyal. Well-trained dobermans are also great around children.

2. German Shepherd
The sight of a German Shepherd can send you heading for the hills. They are one of the top breeds when it comes to police, military and guard dogs. Most of these dogs were bred to be loyal, approachable, and protective. So the ones who should be afraid of German Shepherds are the ones that are doing unsavory things. You can’t pull a fast one over these dogs as they’re constantly alert and often serve as watchdogs.


TOUGHEST Dog Breeds on the Planet

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