Top 5 USELESS Martial Arts & Fighting Styles

By : LISTaddiction - 1 year ago
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Are you interested in learning a new martial arts in order to defend yourselves from them bullies? Well I suggest never trying any of these fighting styles unless you want to make your enemies laugh at you, while they are kicking your butt. There are always people out there that come up with new ideas, like fighting styles, religions, or lifestyles in order to make money from their clients, but I believe that some of these people that will be shown in this video seem to really believe that they actually have a legitimate way to defend themselves and fight. But these techniques are just dangerous, because the student doesn’t learn anything that will actually help them, it just creates a false sense of bravado that will lead to them picking a fight and getting hurt.

I actually learned Tae Kwon Do and it turned out to be useless because the one I learned did not allow punches to the face, which is useless in a real fight, since that is the first thing you are going to see from your opponent and the first things you are going to try to do.

The Russian Fighting Style Channel Link
Bely Samoryad - Fine Russian martial arts: "Бой на бегу"- Вiomechanics of Bely Samoryad.


FAKEST, DUMBEST, BULLS**T & Least Effective Martial Arts & Fighting Styles




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FAKEST, DUMBEST, BULLS**T & Least Effective Martial Arts & Fighting Styles

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