Top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS Youtubers Bought! (Logan Paul, FaZe Banks, Jake Paul, Captain Sparklez)

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Most Expensive Things Youtubers bought: Today we go over the top 5 most expensive things that youtubers have ever bought! In this list we go over the expensive natures of some youtubers like Logan Paul, FaZe Banks, Captain Sparklez, and Jake Paul! Make sure to stay tuned you won't believe the number 5 spot! Logan Paul Vlogs is a savage for what he bought for his broter Jake Paul! Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed, Top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS Youtubers Bought! (Logan Paul, FaZe Banks, Jake Paul, Captain Sparklez) here on top 5 best!

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Instead of going to Hollywood to get rich and famous, people of the 21st century turn to Youtube. Many fail in cringey fashion, but sometimes it’s even the cringiest who are best at building a brand for themselves. Either way, the bigger you are as a Youtuber the more money you can spend. And whatever crazy expensive stuff you buy, you can show it off on your channel which gets even more views to buy even more expensive things. Talk about a win-win… Now as I ask the owner of this channel for a Lamborghini, here’s top 5 most expensive things Youtubers bought.

1) Logan Paul called his fans to a like challenge where he asked for two million likes on a video, in exchange for his best friend Eric to receive a Rolex watch worth $20,000. Well that goal was broken in a day, so Logan gave his roommate and best friend a brand new Rolex. Well, without tricking him with a fake watch at first of course. But after that a delighted Eric embraced Logan as any true friend would after a gift. But also because he just got $20,000 richer. What gives this watch such a high price tag is the fact it is covered entirely with diamonds and that each number within the watch is encrusted in 24 karat gold.

2) Since we just showed what Logan bought, we might as well show one of the many expensive things Jake has bought as well. After whining about not being able to record inside a Lamborghini’s factory in Italy, Jake Paul seemed to forget about what he dubbed as the worst day of his life, and instead spent a ridiculous amount of money on another one of the company’s cars. Jake spent around $300,000 on a blue 2018 Lamborghini Huracan that took around 6 months to be delivered. Thus comes the end of a truly bitter and significant feud between supercar maker Lamborghini and Disney Channel superstar, Jake Paul.

Captain Sparkles is known for his minecraft videos and is now essentially neighbors with the man who created the game that he made millions playing. What a world. His Hollywood Hills home is absolutely gorgeous with its 3 stories, 3 balconies, and giant windows just to reinforce how much he paid for that view of Los Angeles. He also purchased a $300,000 Mclaren because nobody else in the world could use that money for something better like food or shelter.

A tri color, blue moon, French Bulldog. Sounds overtly pretentious to the point where the breed was made up, right? Wrong! Faze Banks, a guy who makes lots of money playing call of duty professionally, purchased this rare breed of Bulldog for $20,000. He says it’s worth it because of the joy it brings him… Okay but I don’t think the dog cares about his what his net worth is and would be well taken care of by literally anyone who likes dogs. But maybe the dog could have $1000 steaks for breakfast now too! He’ll surely be able to tell the difference from Purina!

The most modest purchase on this list is Fousey Tube’s, who bought a house for his parents estimated at $600-900 thousand dollars. It was such a modest gesture in fact, that Fousey decided to share it with his millions of subscribers. I’m sure his parents reconsidered their son’s life choices on being a full time professional prankster once they stepped into a home much bigger than they ever needed. Alas, that is the beauty of private property! But it is even more beautiful, when it is purchased from the fruits of truly hard labor like that done of Fousey Tube.

That’s our list of top 5 most expensive things youtubers bought. What are you gonna buy when you’re rich and famous? Let us know in the comments and please like and subscribe for more videos as interesting as this one. Click the bell icon to stay updated on all future content produced by us here at Top 5 Best.

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Top 5 MOST EXPENSIVE THINGS Youtubers Bought! (Logan Paul, FaZe Banks, Jake Paul, Captain Sparklez)