Top 5 Biggest Disney Castle Mistakes!

1 year ago
Disney Beat! The Disney Castles are the centrepieces of the Disney theme parks around the world, including Walt Disney World in Florida, and the Disneyland parks in California, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai & Hong Kong! There's been many times in Disney park history when the castles have received overlays to celebrate anniversary milestones, like Disneyland's 60th Anniversary or Disney World's 25th Anniversary where Cinderella castle was turned into a giant pink birthday cake. As of recently there's even been old castles receiving brand new designs like Sleeping Beauty castle in Hong Kong Disney. Some of the castles are part of a bigger overall ride, an experience like the Beast's castle at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom or an attraction like the other castles in New Fantasyland that help place you in the magical world of Disney. This is all great but sometimes Disney misses the mark on these overlays and designs so today we'll be taking a look at Disney's Top 5 biggest castle mistakes in Disney park history!


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Top 5 Biggest Disney Castle Mistakes!

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