Top 10 Weapons So Powerful They're Illegal & Prohibited Worldwide

9 months ago
Some weapons are so powerful, that we have made them illegal. Here are the top 10 weapons deemed so deadly that they're prohibited by international agreements.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Weapons So Deadly They Are Prohibited! Blinding Laser Beams - Sometime in the mid-1990’s,the US Air Force had funded research on how they can destroy eyesight at long distances using high-powered lasers. Biological Weapons - Biological weapons inflict some of the most traumatizing means of devastation, so much so that the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention was made. Certain Bombs - We all know bombs are destructive forces used in warfare, but the following ones are especially devastating to the point they have to be prohibited. Expanding Bullets - Sustaining gunshot wounds can be deadly. But you know what’s worse? Getting hit by an expanding bullet. Punji Sticks - During the Vietnam War, a small and poorly equipped guerilla group known as the Viet Cong was at a disadvantage as they faced American forces that had more advanced weaponry.

Incendiary Weapons - Incendiary weapons set fire to everything in their path, indiscriminately affecting both combatants and innocent civilians. Non-Detectable Fragments - As the term implies, this type of weapon cannot be seen by normal diagnostic procedures. Twisting Blade - Any knife can cause mortal danger to anyone it stabs, but nothing could compare to the damage inflicted by a knife like the Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade. Brass Knuckles - If you’ve seen the film, “Constantine,” or the TV show, “Sopranos,” you may have already seen brass knuckles in several fight scenes. Chemical Weapons - There are various chemical weapons in existence, such as a tear gas used for riot control, mustard gas which became popular in World War I, and sarin, a toxic nerve agent.

Top 10 Weapons So Powerful They're Illegal & Prohibited Worldwide

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