Top 10 VS Shows!

By : AnimationRewind - 7 months ago
Here are AnimationRewind's Top 10 VS Shows. From series like Screwattack Death Battle, One Minute Melee, Super Power Beat Down, and More! Which is number 1?

Classic Sonic vs Pikachu:

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Rule 1: The first rule is that I won’t include any VS show that I run. So Cartoon Fight Club, Fatal Conflict, and Rewind Rumble won’t make this list. I don’t want this list just be me patting myself on the back.

Rule 2: This is only for Internet based fictional crossover versus series, so any Television produced series will not be on this list.

Rule 3: One series per channel. Many channels have multiple VS series so it would be most fair just to showcase that channels best series.

Rule 4: The VS series needs at least 15 episodes. I don’t think its fair to judge a sereis that is still brand new and doesn’t have at least a full season or a good portion of a season set out yet.

And this last one isn’t really a rule, but if your VS show doesn’t make the list, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the show. There is easily over 30 VS shows on YouTube alone, and I enjoy pretty much all of them, plus my opinion on which I enjoy more constantly changes, so this list isn’t even my final opinion let alone an end all be all statement. So with that in mind, here is AnimationRewind’s Top 10 VS Shows!

Rewind Rumble G+:
CFC G+ Group:
AnimationRewind G+:

Space BGs:

Rewind Rumble/AnimationRewind Patreon:

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