Top 10 Things Invented Just To Defy The Laws Of Physics

By : BE AMAZED - 3 months ago
You can't defy the laws of physics. But, many of the coolest inventions, like the warp drive, really do seem like they were invented just to defy the laws of physics!
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Be Amazed at these Experiments That Seem To Defy The Laws Of Physics! Dipping hand into Lead - Molten metal is hot but molten lead isn’t as hot as you expect - only 327.5 degrees centigrade. Perpetual Motion Machines - The idea behind perpetual motion machines is that you can set them going and they will continue in motion forever. Vacuum Cleaners can Lift Cars - The famous mythbusters team set out to see how effective a vacuum cleaner was at picking up heavy objects. Warpdrive engine:The challenge of space travel has always been top of the agenda for many of the world’s most advanced technology developers and now, we’ve reached a point where travel within our solar system is relatively efficient with the advent of reusable rockets. Spin Top Toy - A spinning top seems like a such a simple thing - one of the simplest toys ever invented, in fact. The tippy top however, is a little bit more odd.

Space elevator - Travelling from the surface of Earth to space currently requires the use of rockets. Square wheels - Triangles, squares, octagons, hexagons...they’re all inferior when compared to the mighty wheel which is seen as one of early humankind’s greatest creations. Sailboat propelled by onboard fan - Out of all of the quirky experiments out there used to illustrate how 'simple' laws of physics like Newton’s laws of motion are more complex than they seem, this one can really get you scratching your head. Bending bullets - The elusive ability to fire bullets from a weapon whilst hidden round corners or obstacles was researched during WW2 and the Krummlauf was developed as part of the Nazi’s rather large effort to innovate their weaponry. Driving motorbikes and cars on water - If vehicles could effectively drive over water then there’d be no need for bridges or crossings. Obviously, this isn’t actually possible but we can temporarily force land vehicles over water.
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