Top 10 Strangest Things Found in Basements

By : BE AMAZED - 5 months ago
Basements can be creepy places filled with strange and absurd things. Here are some of the strangest things found in basements!
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Be Amazed at these Strangest Things Found in Basements! A 200-Pound Alligator - Over the years I've had a few neighbors I suspected might have bodies buried in their basement. A Secret Roommate - Every roommate I've ever had has made so much noise or so much of a mess I couldn't have missed them. Two Fetuses in Jars - When I go down to the basement, I always hope to find a dusty bottle of wine that turns out to be a rare and expensive vintage. Torpedo - Linda Forest of Goshen, Indiana dropped a bomb on her husband when she told him she'd found a torpedo in the basement of their new home, which she was renovating to make him a “man cave”. Persecution room - Diane and Pat Farla also wondered about the metre-long rectangle that lay alongside the walls of their new home, a renovated detached Victorian building they moved into in 2007.

Snakes - After hearing this story, I may never move into a new house or building again. Haunted Well - Colin Steer lived in his house for years, and fortunately he didn't notice any snakes or strange noises. But he did wonder about that weird little dip near his sofa. Dolls' Last Supper - If I ever visit Hanny's bar and grill in Phoenix, Arizona, I'll be sure not to get lost on my way to the bathroom and wind up in the basement. Panzer tank - A lot of people enjoyed playing with GI Joe as a children, and some adults still collect army memorabillia. Benjamin franklins anatomy school - Benjamin Franklin is known for his role as one of America's founding fathers and early presidents, as well as being that crazy guy who flew a kite in the rain and discovered electricity.

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