Top 10 Stars Who Constantly Surprise Us

8 months ago
Top 10 Stars Who Constantly Surprise Us
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These celebs never truly leave the spotlight, because they’re always doing something new and unexpected. From Rihanna, to Jordan Peele to Miley Cyrus, these stars are constantly surprising us with their creativity and talent. WatchMojo is counting down the celebs who keep us on our toes with their big revelations and their ability to perpetually reinvent themselves.

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#10: Charlize Theron
#9: Snoop Dogg
#8: Rihanna
#7: John Krasinski
#6: Jordan Peele
#5: Miley Cyrus
#4: Kendrick Lamar
#3, #2 & #1???

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Top 10 Stars Who Constantly Surprise Us

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