Top 10 Sidekicks in Video Games | The Completionist

8 months ago
Jirard is busy so its ya boy Alex Faciane taking the helm in Top 10 Sidekicks in video games. In ways I'm a professional sidekick so I'm the most qualified to talk about this top 10 list. Let's jump into it!


Throughout video games we always have those characters that we tend to miss, feel vulnerable without, or want to strangle with our digital hands. I feel that way the most in games such as Borderlands, with everyone's (annoyingly) lovable sidekick Claptrap. But there's way more games to go through. I haven't event touched the basics like Tails for Sonic the Hedgehog or Luigi.

Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 Sidekicks in Video Games!
Also, can Ted go outside now? Is he ready?

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Top 10 Sidekicks in Video Games | The Completionist

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