Top 10 Scary St. Louis Urban Legends

2 months ago
Top 10 Scary St. Louis Urban Legends
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Is there such a thing as a urban legend that isn't scary. Like you see that house up there on that hill? Legend has it that a old woman lives in there, and if you go up to here house shell give you a cookie and tell you you're handsome, and you wanna know something else. She really means it too. Well if I ever manage to find enough wholes urban legends then one day maybe ill make a list about it. But for now were gonna stick to the types of urban legends that make the exorcist seem like an episode of my little pony. And today we have just that with our list of Top 10 Scary St.Louis Urban Legends. As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, Also stick around for our top 2 because I want to see how many of you out there have heard of them before. And without taking any longer, lets get into it.

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Top 10 Scary St. Louis Urban Legends

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