Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon of All Time!

6 months ago
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Ever wonder what shiny Pokemon is the rarest of them all? Well, in this video I go over the Top 10 Rarest Pokemon of All Time! Ranging from Pokemon GO, to the Pokemon TCG, to even Pokemon from the console games! Who will take the crown in this epic comparison of all shiny Pokemon? Find out now!
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Pokemon GO Trailer:
Pokemon Yellow Gameplay:
Pokemon Yellow Trading:
Pokemon TCG Gameplay:
Pokemon Stadium Challenge Cup:
Pokemon Stadium Werster Clip:
Pokemon Crystal Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Egg Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Eevee:
Pokemon Crystal Ruins of Alph:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Magikarp:
Pokemon Crystal Celebi Gameplay:
Pokemon Crystal Shiny Celebi:
Pokemon Crystal Mobile Trade Center:
Pokemon Crystal Mobile System Picture:
Pokemon Emerald Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Entei Gameplay:
Pokemon Colosseum Opening:
Pokemon HeartGold Gameplay:
Pokemon HeartGold Red Gyarados:
Pokemon Platinum Gameplay:
Pokemon Platinum Gameplay 2:
Pokemon Ranger Gameplay:
Pokemon X and Y Shiny Magikarp:

Shiny Umbreon in Thumbnail:
Gardevoir Shrug Art:
Party Hat Pichu Art:
Shiny Magikarp Plush:
Shiny Magikarp Plush 2:
Shiny Magikarp Plush 3:
Skeleton Sprite Art:
GS Ball Sprite Art:
Shiny Quilava Picture:

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Top 10 Rarest Shiny Pokemon of All Time!

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