Top 10 Movie Monsters That Exist in Real Life

By : BE AMAZED - 10 months ago
Just keep watching and you'll realise that many seemingly unreal Movie monsters actually go beyond the silver screen and into our world… with their very real counterparts. Here, are the top 10 move monsters that exist in real life.
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Be amazed at these 10 movie monsters that exist in real life! Acromantula - Ordinary spiders themselves already create fear and anxiety. Now Imagine the terror of seeing something that is as big as an Acromantula from the Harry Potter series. Gremlin - Before revealing their hideous true forms, the eponymous Gremlins are often disguised as pretty furballs, ready for a hug with anyone who gets smitten with their absolute charm. Xenomorph - The monster from 'alien' that results from an evolved 'chestburster' is the gruesome, terrifying Xenomorph. Kraken - Seafaring legends tell of tales of gargantuan monsters of the sea. The 18th century kraken is perhaps one of the more popular ones, with its rumoured mighty size able to completely embrace and capsize whole ships - just like as seen from pirates of the Caribbean.

Monster Alien Fish - Okay, " monster alien fish" kind of sounds way too generic, but if you ever come across a sea lamprey, you'd instantly know that it’s a creature that's worthy of being the next Hollywood nightmare . The Real Life Hydra - One of the legendary twelve labors of Hercules told the story of the mighty Lernean Hydra. It was a gigantic serpent with multiple heads, all of which capable of simply regrowing back should the would-be slayer attempt to chop them off. Chucky - Monsters don't always have to be biological. Sometimes, crazed, possessed living things like Chucky the doll are often more than enough to send us into a sleepless trance for an entire month. Dart from Stranger Things - The affectionately named D'Artagnan, or Dart, turns into the Demogorgon, and is just one of the otherworldly monsters introduced in Stranger Things. Monster worm - As we have seen earlier, the deep dark sea sure has a fine bestiary of nightmare fuel oddities just floating around its alien environment. Facehugger - This creature is the life form occurring in the second stage of the Xenomorph's life cycle. Its real life counterpart is the almost mythical giant sea spiders, of the far, far South Antarctic.

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