Top 10 Most Mysterious Mummified Remains

By : BE AMAZED - 3 months ago
When it comes to mummies, we think of Ancient Egypt, and how they preserved the body under wraps. Keep watching, to found out the 10 Most Mysterious Mummified Remains!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Most Mysterious Mummified Remains! The Grauballe Man - The Grauballe Man, discovered in Denmark around 1952, was a victim of a brutal murder, originating from Germanic Paganism in the Iron Age. Siberian Monster Mummy - It's only normal to think this next preserved creature is a monster or something of dinosaur origin, but it may not be as scary of an animal as once originally thought. The Nazca Tomb Mummy - Have you ever seen a program on the History like Ancient Aliens that suggested our ancestors knew of these outer-world beings? Arctic Civilization Mummies - Two mummies were unearthed in July of 2017 in the Siberian artic; more specifically, Salekhard. After being stuck in the Siberian permafrost for multiple centuries, the copper coated mummies of a baby and an adult were taken in for research.

Otzi the Iceman - Otzi the Iceman, also known around the world as the Man from Hauslabjoch, is a man that lived on earth more than 52 centuries ago – around 3300 B.C. Tutankhamen - We couldn’t have a list of mysterious mummies without including King Tutankhamun himself. La Doncella - Natural preservation goes a long way, and La Doncella is here to tell us why. Lady Dai - More than forty years ago in the 1970’s, Chinese workers were digging in a former air raid shelter when they discovered a Han Dynasty tomb. 1,000-Year-Old Mummified Monk - The more spiritual among you will love this next one, as Master Ci Xian went out in a way that could be said to have reached total nirvana. Manfred Fritz Bajorat - Before you go out on your next yacht adventure, think of Manfred Fritz Bajorat. His mummified body was found in his yacht off the coast of Barobo in 2016.
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