Top 10 Most Impressive Fan Skins! - League of Legends

5 months ago
League of Legends / LoL: Top 10 Most Impressive Fan Skins!
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1. Cosmic Bard by Jack La Haie

2. Mistress of the Grave Illaoi by Leon Ropeter

3. Warring Kingdoms Galio by Nicholas Oei

4. Lil Slugger Ekko by Gab Schwall

5. Warring Kingdoms Yasuo by Catherine Consiglio

6. Elderwood Kalista By Kelsey Martin

7. 88 MPH Ezreal by Antoine Dupuis

8. Steampunk Shen by Roger Perez

9. Plague Hunter Miss Fortune by Miles Wadsworth

10. Star Guardian Ashe by Alex Nguyen

✔ Video Credits:
● Produced By: Jeremy - Gaming Curios
● Written By: Jeremy - Gaming Curios & EdgeGaming
● Edited By: LocusEdits

Top 10 Most Impressive Fan Skins! - League of Legends

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