Top 10 Missed Opportunities in the Exotic Car Business

6 months ago
Most car guys have stories of "the ones that got away," but as a dealer in the exotic car market for the past decade, Doug Tabbutt from Switchcars has more than his fair share. These are the ones that hurt the most to look back on. (Indexed Below)

1:07 - #10 Lamborghini Diablo SV
1:41 - #9 Lamborghini Countach & Jalpa
3:23 - #8 Ferrari 512 BBi
4:09 - #7 1970 911T
5:23 - #6 A pair of air cooled 90's 911s
6:50 - #5 Early 70s Mexico Blue 911
7:44 - #4 BMW M1
8:33 - #3 Jaguar XJ220
9:29 - #2 Porsche 918
10:12 - #1 Manual Ferrari 599

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Top 10 Missed Opportunities in the Exotic Car Business

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