Top 10 Ingenious Secret Devices The Police Use

By : BE AMAZED - 11 months ago
Here are the top ten ingenious secret devices cops use to apprehend dangerous criminals.
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Be Amazed at these top 10 ingenious secret devices the police uses! The Alternative - Rubber bullets are very useful non-lethal alternatives when it comes to disabling fleeing criminals, but there are times when they're quite ineffective, especially against larger and more resilient criminals. Stingray - Being able to gather information discreetly from criminal masterminds is imperative for law enforcers, allowing them to collect evidence they need to implicate them. Advanced Vehicle Traps - It's hard to catch a criminal on foot, especially when they have a getaway vehicle to use. Surveillance Drones - Being able to gather information as soon as a crime happens is vital for law enforcers, which is why they are considering adopting many types of technologies often seen in modern warfare — particularly, surveillance drones.

Handheld Fingerprinting Devices - Gone are the days of messy fingerprinting, as modern technology replaced the conventional ink style of fingerprinting to make way for the MorphoRapID Rumbler Sirens - Police sirens are necessary to alert traffic to the presence of police and scare criminals off carrying out suspicious behaviour. Predictive Policing Software - Predicting crime and knowing when and where it will happen ? Sounds like a premise for a sci-fi movie, right? But thanks to several advancements in technology, this is entirely possible thanks to predictive policing software such as PredPol and ShotSpotter. Recon ThrowBot XT - Police officers put themselves in life-or-death situations whenever they're tasked with apprehending armed suspects. Dazzler Flashlight - Flashlights may serve as a good tool for police officers to make their way into the dark, but as a weapon, it will not do you any good, except probably blind criminals for a good second or two. StarChase - High speed chases are very costly; not only do they cause significant property damage, they also endanger the lives of the responding police officers, the suspects themselves, and the innocent people who are caught in between.

Top 10 Ingenious Secret Devices The Police Use

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