Top 10 Inexpensive Things That Make You Look Rich

By : BE AMAZED - 5 months ago
You can definitely fake it till you make it to look rich. Make clever purchase decisions with these 10 tips will help you Fool People Into Thinking You're Rich until you're actually a star.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Things That Fool People Into Thinking You're Rich! Become a Travel Writer - I've always wanted to travel the world—not in a frugal, staying-in-a-student-hostel-with-twenty-other-people kind of way, but in a five-star-hotel or spa kind of way. Airport VIP pass - Being able to skip queues at the airport is society's way of saying you're important. Clothes that fit well - And while those red-bottom shoes are nice, when it comes to clothing and accessories, big designer brands are actually less impressive than good tailoring. Read lot - People who seem knowledgeable are always more memorable, and if you're really well-spoken and well-informed, you may just give people the impression you went to an Ivy League college, instead of the School of Hard Knocks. Go to Expensive clubs and drink soda - If you want to look rich, you have to go where the rich go. Aside from the swanky hotels like I discussed earlier, rich people also like to hang out in expensive bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Be well groomed - Both men and women should look as well-groomed as possible, and if you're a guy, that means you might want to use makeup and skin cleansers. Buy Watches that Look the part - If you're going to splurge on a wear-everywhere accessory like a watch, buy quality, but don't spend so much that the bill eclipses your student loan debt. Buy (relatively) Cheap Sportscars - I always thought sports cars like a Porsche or a Mercedes were out of my budget. Go yachting - Who hasn't wanted to brag about their fabulous weekend yachting? Unfortunately, yachts are expensive to own, and even to rent. Uber for Jets - Private jets are expensive to buy or rent. But if you're a member of JetSuite, you may be able to fly on one for considerably less with their daily deals.

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