Top 10 Hidden Items in World of Warcraft

1 month ago
In this video we'll go over 10 items which are hidden in the world in some way shape or form, and either require you to do a special thing to obtain them, or just required you to find them in a somewhat hidden location.

Video edited by Captain Grim

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--The List --
10-Doomsayers Robes
9 -Poison Extraction Totem
8 -Mr. Pinchy
7 -Spectral Feather / Lost Spectral Gryphon / Gon
6 -Zoom
5 -Dark Ranger's Hood (Hunter Only)
4 -Lost Mail
3 -Windle's Lighter
2 -Wayfarer's Bonfire
1 -The Mesmerizing Fruit Hat

Top 10 Hidden Items in World of Warcraft

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