Top 10 Facts - Music

By : LEMMiNO - 7 months ago
In this video about the niche topic that is music I explore one of the oldest surviving songs, emotion expressed through music, Mozart's preoccupations with scatology, the ubiquitous drum sample known as the Amen Break, and a piano duel for the ages with some salty strips of potato-based produce on the side.


Anne Draffkorn Kilmer & Richard Crocker - A Hurrian Cult Song From Ancient Ugarit

Kevin MacLeod - Bossa Antigua

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer

Frédéric Chopin - Prelude Op. 28, No. 4

Own Work

Desembra - Hit 'Em

Richard Wagner - Siegfried's Funeral March (Götterdämmerung)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Cor Vivaldi - Leck Mich Im Arsch

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 7 (II. Allegretto)



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