Top 10 Disturbing Pokedex Entries

11 months ago
Top 10 Disturbing Pokedex Entries
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Pokemon is great. It’s a series that many of us and many of you at home watching grew up with. Masses of players resonated with the story about a kid coming of age as they leave home to go on an adventure to become the greatest Pokemon trainer of them all. But all that being said, lessons of compassion and empathy hidden in the games’ subtexts aside, Pokemon themselves can be really REALLY weird. And there is something inherently odd about a child taming wild beasts. Sometimes you miss what the Pokemon’s pokedex entry is if you’re really caught up in the game, and turns out, some of those Pokemon are a little bit unnerving. So today, we’re taking a closer look at some of those Pokemon with our list of the top 10 disturbing pokedex entries.

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Top 10 Disturbing Pokedex Entries

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