Parasites So Disgusting You Can't Finish The Video

By : BE AMAZED - 9 months ago
Sure, parasites may be small, but the havoc they can wreak on their host is absolutely terrifying. Here are 10 parasites so disgusting, you probably don't have the guts to finish this video.

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Be Amazed at these Top 10 parasites! Horsehair Worms - Have you ever heard of the term, “suicidal crickets”? It’s odd to think that something as miniscule as a parasite can cause psychological effects on an insect. Ticks - While not a new parasite, or an unknown one by any means, the tick has a disgusting way of functioning. The female ticks are avid breeders, and tend to lay thousands of eggs at once – but not before breeding on the host! Leuy the Flatworm - This parasite is one that doesn’t take no for an answer. While flatworms don’t embed themselves in the skin, the nail must accidentally consume them in order to begin this vicious catch-22 cycle. Guinea Worm Disease - The Guinea worm is the largest tissue parasite, and can severely harm the host from beginning to end. The Chicgoe Flea - Also known as the Tungapenetrans, the Chicgoe Flea is the culprit behind Tungiasis – a parasitic-driven disease that is most often seen in third-world locations.
Zombie Fungus - Zombie’s have been quite the trend in recent pop-culture, but did you know they actually exist? Well, sort-of. Acanthamoeba Eyeball Parasite - The acanthamoeba is a type of free-living ameba, and is known for causing extremely sever reactions to humans and animals under the perfect conditions. Human Botflies - Botflies aren’t just human-specific, but those that do infect humans are quite scary. The maggot of a botfly seeks out a mosquito and lays many eggs on them. Tapeworms - While similar to hookworms, tape worms are typically transmitted through meat that hasn’t been cooked all the way through. Tongue Eating Parasite - You’re probably thinking that this entire list is disgusting, so for something to be number one, it has to be utterly gross.

Parasites So Disgusting You Can't Finish The Video

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