Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Haunted Theme Parks

2 years ago
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Theme parks are intended to bring joy, but those left unattended and forced to survive on their own as the years pass on often become twisted versions of the glee-filled establishments they once were. If you’re ready for a rollercoaster ride into neglected worlds of horror, join us as we explore these top ten abandoned theme parks.

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10. Takakonuma Greenland, Fukushima, Japan
9. Atlantis Marine Park, Two Rocks, Australia
8. Camelot Theme Park, Charnock Richard, England
7. Yongma Land, Seoul, South Korea
6. Cidade Albanoel, Itagua, Brazil
5. Discovery Island, Orlando, FL
4. Velling Koller Fairy Tale Gardens, Bryrup, Denmark
3. Williams Grove Amusement Park, Mechanicsburg, PA
2. Lake Dolores Waterpark, Newberry Springs, CA
1. Boblo Island Amusement Park

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Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Haunted Theme Parks

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