Top 10 Creepiest Google Earth Discoveries

By : BE AMAZED - 10 months ago
There are loads of creepy google maps discoveries that are really scary. Keep watching to find out some weird things found on google earth and google street view!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Creepiest Google Maps Finds! Iraqs Blood-red lake - There is, as yet, no official explanation for why this otherwise normally green lake, discovered in 2007, appears in red. Balcony Creature - This creepy picture was captured by google maps in france of what looks like a block of apartments. Richmond Crime Scene - In 2009, this image was taken by Google maps and shows the murder victim lying on the ground next to the tracks with several officers nearby. Naked man - You can pretty much get a view of anything on Google maps — even a naked German guy. In 2010, as google maps expanded to capture more german cities, they captured this image from Mannerheim, showing a naked man in the trunk of his car, whilst a sleeping - or dead - dog lays down on the drive. Badlands Guardian - The locals never knew they were being watched by this geological phenomenon, until they discovered this formation in 2006. It looks disconcertingly like a human head wearing a Native American headdress.

Crabzilla - This picture was captured by google maps at in the harbour at Whitstable, Kent, in the UK. The Haunted House - The town of New Baltimore, N.Y., is either the portal to hell, or Google Street View uploaded some very corrupted files. The Almere Crime Scene - In April of 2013, this Google maps image from Almere, in the netherlands, went viral online as publications ran with the story that it shows a murder scene. Sewer Clown - This one may be pennywise in real life . At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary with this image from Google Street View until you take a closer look at the sewer grate. China's Desert Mystery - The movies have lead us to believe that all the governments’ mysteriously secretive projects are hidden in the remotest deserts.

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