Top 10 Craziest Stunts Ever Performed

By : BE AMAZED - 3 months ago
Some of the most adventurous people in the world have done some amazing stunts. These brave individuals have ensured that their names will go down in history. Here are the Top 10 most amazing Stunts ever.
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Be Amazed at these top 10 stunts! Jetman flies alongside plane - Yves Rossy might have one of the coolest career stories out there, as well as maybe the world's coolest nickname. 187mph bike ride - There's no denying that biking is a very popular sport, but it's not often thought of as a very extreme one. With that said, extreme is a perfect word to describe the stunt that pro-cyclist Fred Rompelberg managed to pull off in Utah in 2012. Breaking the freediving record - Freediving is already one of the most challenging and dangerous hobbies in the world, but Herbert Nitsch is famous for taking the sport to whole new levels. Antti Pendikainien - Pulling off extreme and dangerous tricks is literally in a stuntman's job description, so you'd think that nothing would frighten them.

Human speed bump stunt - Bodybuilders and strongmen have existed for most of human history, which means that strongman stunts have existed for a long time as well. Furthest ever human canonball - Lots of kids take after their parents when it comes to what job they decide to do in the future, but I'll be honest, this definitely isn't your average family business. Skydiving without a parachute - When you think about the most terrifying experiences you can pay to experience in your own life, skydiving is probably top of the list. Human spiderman climbs tallest building in the world - Superheroes don't exist in real life, but this guy is about as close as you can get. Jumping the grand canyon - When it comes to crazy stunts, Evel Knievel is the undisputed king. Wingsuiting through a human-sized hole - Lots of people are afraid of heights, and many are afraid of small, enclosed places. However, if you happen to be afraid of both... I suggest you look away now.
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