Top 10 Best Cards To Lose On Purpose YuGiOh

8 months ago
Now, there are some rules to this list. This video is about cards that can make you lose the duel the quickest, under their own power, and without having to misplay or just wait for your opponent to take you out without doing anything. That is, cards that try to self otk, or cards that can self otk during the course of a normal, non suicidal duel.

--The List--
10-Destructive Draw
9 -Gale Dogra
8 -Magical Merchant
7 -Backs to the Wall
6 -Final Fusion
5 -Relay Soul
4 -Dark Snake Syndrome
3 -Self-Destruct Button
2 -Last Turn
1 -Wall of Revealing Light

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Some of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX"

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Top 10 Best Cards To Lose On Purpose YuGiOh

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