This Is Where You've Seen The Cast Of Riverdale Before

8 months ago
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A dark take on the Archie comics, CW's Riverdale helped launch the careers of a number of new stars when it debuted in early 2017. It's also provided a new home for some big-name talent who've largely disappeared from Hollywood. From the show's central cast of angsty teens to its supporting 90s heartthrobs and heathens, these actors have been collectively racking up credits for a while now, and some of their former projects just might surprise you. Here's why the cast of Riverdale looks so familiar…

KJ Apa | 0:28
Lili Reinhart | 0:56
Cole Sprouse | 1:33
Camila Mendes | 2:20
Casey Cott | 2:54
Madelaine Petsch | 3:22
Ashleigh Murray | 3:57
Luke Perry | 4:27
Molly Ringwald | 5:11
Mädchen Amick | 5:55
Marisol Nichols | 6:31
Mark Consuelos | 7:09
Skeet Ulrich | 7:40
Martin Cummins | 8:23
Lochlyn Munro | 8:57

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This Is Where You've Seen The Cast Of Riverdale Before

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