The WORST Nail Art Fails Ever

By : TheTalko - 4 months ago
The ugliest nail art of all time.

Nothing is more fun than experimenting with your nails. All it takes is a few minutes on pinterest to find hundreds of different nail designs you can try. There’s really cool marble nail looks, chevron nails, and even tie dye nails. The DIY instructions always make everything seem so simple. What we’ve found though is it’s always a lot more complicated than it looks. Some of these nail art fails are just weird creative concepts that don’t quite hit the mark. Anyone want nails inspired by corn on the cob? While some people just tried they’re very best to ‘nail’ a design and fell flat. Sometimes it’s easier to just head to the salon and have a professional take care of it. Check out out this video if you want to see some of The Worst Nail Art Fails Ever!

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