The Untold Truth Of Marvel's Cloak And Dagger

12 months ago
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Since their first appearance in a 1982 issue of Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man, the mysterious heroes known as Cloak and Dagger have captivated Marvel's true believers. Their unique and complementary powers, along with an intriguing backstory and a compelling romantic angle, made them fan favorites long before they hit TV. But while everybody knows about Spider-Man, fewer know the finer details of this relatively obscure, co-dependent superhero duo. If you're in the dark, we'll shine a light on the untold truth of Cloak and Dagger…

D.A.R.E. to be a hero | 0:28
Mantlo's Marvel | 1:48
Friendly neighbors of Spider-Man | 2:42
Strange bedfellows | 3:27
The new mutates | 4:23
The teen angst Achilles heel | 5:14
Born from despair | 6:01

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The Untold Truth Of Marvel's Cloak And Dagger

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