The Truth About The Black Order From Infinity War

7 months ago
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The Black Order - aka Cull Obsidian, aka the Children of Thanos - are Thanos' trusted gang of personal supervillains. In Avengers: Infinity War, the quartet helps with Thanos' mission to acquire all six stones of the Infinity Gauntlet. But in the comics that they come from, the group goes on all sorts of missions for the Mad Titan - some of them downright wacky. In making the transition to the big screen, the group had their numbers reduced, their members renamed, and their power sets switched up. Whether you've already seen Infinity War and have a few lingering questions, or want a quick primer before you check the movie out, we'll break down everything you need to know about Thanos' Black Order...

Cull Obsidian | 0:39
The skilled set | 1:11
Supergiant | 2:13
Corvus takes control | 3:00
Hammer time | 3:54
No Surrender | 4:44
Blockbuster night | 5:23

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The Truth About The Black Order From Infinity War

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